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The club is located at 38 deodar Street Primrose. We have a variety of coaches with a rich history in chess with different playiing styles and whose coaching techniques differ but offer the students a well rounded knowledge in that they won't have to be limited to one playing style.


Primrose Chess Club offers

Club Day

The Club Meets every Wednesday 17h00 to 19h00.

Private Coaching

One on one coaching with the best players in South Africa.

Group Coaching

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Friendly games

In order to be the best you have to play against strong opponents.


Chess Power House offers a variety of Provincial Chess coaches.

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    Chess Club

  • Fide Rating 2100

    IM Providence Oathlotse

    Fide Rating : 2100

  • Fide Rating 2200

    Jacob and Brighton

    Fide Rating : 2200

  • Fide Rating Patzer

    Clive Mthunzi

    Fide Rating : 1800

  • Fide Rating 1999

    Tshediso Mpya

    Fide Rating : 1999

  • Fide Rating 2100

    Ntando Zwakala

    Fide Rating : 2100

What Our Students Say

Our Clients
Tshepo Tshabalala

Being a member of the club has made my rating to increase and also improved my overall understanding of the game.

Our Clients
Themba Moyake

i was a weak player that couldn't focus long enough on games but i see a constant improvement in my game now.

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Chess Power House. 38 Deodar St, Primrose South Africa

Phone: (071) 934 8263